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About Us

Founded in 2023 by Marilyn and Patrick Lawless, Cinnamon’s House Animal Sanctuary is a Rhode Island non-profit 501c3 based in West Kingston, RI. Their mission is to provide a sanctuary for animals considered unadoptable due to its age or disability. They provide a safe home with undying love and care.


Marilyn has fostered dogs for many years. During that time she realized she always favored the older dogs and those that came with special needs or circumstances. Soon after Marilyn and Patrick married, they adopted Cinnamon, a cinnamon-colored mixed breed dog. After Cinamon had been hit by a car, she found herself in a shelter. Sadly her family never came claim her. She was considered unadoptable, but not to the Lawless’. They fell in love with her immediately. Cinnamon only walks on three of her legs dispite a healthy fourth paw. Their veterinarian believes she suffers from PTSD from her accident. 


A few years later Marilyn and Patrick adopted the happy and playful Buddy, a 14 year old Chihuahua mix. Another shelter dog, Buddy was always overlooked because of his age. It was then, Marilyn and Patrick knew what they were meant to do.


Patrick's daughter, Luciana, is non-verbal.  She just adores the animals, and they seem to love her, as well.  Although she can not communicate with us humans, she does very well with animals and they thoroughly enjoy each others company. Luciana loves to help with walking, feeding and snuggling the dogs! 


At Cinnamon’s House, Marilyn, Patrick , Luciana and all their family, friends and volunteers, ensure that all the animals they take in are sincerely loved and cared for, and, get spoiled to the max!


To provide sanctuary and care
for animals cons
idered unadoptable
due to age or disability.

Cinnamon's House

Animal Sanctuary


603 455 5747

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