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Cinnamon’s House welcomed Lucy in February of 2024. At the age of 13, Lucy found herself at Westerly Animal Shelter because her family could not longer care for her. Look at that face… we just had to have her. 

            Lucy is 12 pounds of love! She has never been spayed, has a mass on her chest and her teeth are just awful. But, we are up for the challenge. 

            First order of business was a visit to Southern Rhode Island Animal Hospital. Dr. Dana, Dr. Mack and the crew fell in love immediately. We immediately got her scheduled for X-RAYS and an Ultrasound to check out her mass, did some bloodwork and got her ready for surgery.

            Lucy had surgery on March 13th and did wonderful. She is scheduled for a follow-up at the end of March. Then, once she is all healed, we will get her teeth cleaned up.

            We are all so thrilled to have Lucy here!



On October 5, 2023 we saw a post on Facebook from the Lincoln Animal Control. They had an unclaimed severely injured Chihuahua. Of course, Cinnamon’s House ran to his rescue. We appropriately named him, Lincoln. No one knew what actually happened to him, but we immediately rushed him to Southern RI Animal Hospital. Dr. Dana and her team were wonderful! Lincoln was in a lot of pain, but Dr. Dana was patient with him. She sedated him, cleaned up his wound and sent us off with antibiotics, pain medication, and a daily regimen to care for his wound.

        Understandably, Lincoln did not want to be touched. We used all sorts of tricks to give him his medication; ie. hot dogs, peanut butter, yummy food, etc...  without success. Thankfully, with some light sedatives we were able to help. We set Lincoln up in a room of his own, his own bed, a comfy crate, and a heater, as the little guy had been shaved and was shivering. He eventually settled in and after a week we were able to introduce him to the other dogs. We gave him is own penned in area to start, then after a short time, everyone was happy together.

        Lincoln took medication twice a day and cleansed his wound and applied ointment daily to keep the wound moist to encourage healing. He also wore a donut around his neck so he would not bother the wound. He was not much of a fan of that and would manage to get it off every now and then. The challenge, of course, was getting it back on!

      After many hours of love and attention and $975 for his medical treatment and medications, we are delighted to say that Lincoln’s wound has healed.

        He is still a bit feisty, but we are hoping that will change over the next few weeks when he is able to just be a dog. We hoping to adopt Lincoln to a wonderful forever home in the very near future!


Rosco is our first resident. At the old age of 14, he found himself in a family that had no time for him. Over the last few years, the family had broken up and moved several times and they just could not care for him anymore. The poor boy was underweight, severely depressed, had several rotten teeth and internal parasites. With the help of donations, we were able to treat all his concerns successfully. Although, we also learned Rosco has a heart murmur. We added heart medication to his daily regime and he is now doing amazing! He weighs in at 56 pounds and thanks to his arthritis medications, he’s running and playing with the other dogs.


Cinnamon's House was so excited to be chosen for him to live out his older years. We hope he has many more years to give us! He makes us chuckle every day and we just love him! 

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