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Hello Again!

It has been a while since our last newsletter and we have lots to report!

 I begin on a sad note… We just lost Cinnamon. She was 13 years old and, as you know, she was our namesake and the guiding force for Cinnamon’s House. She had a tumor on her leg that was removed once and had, unfortunately, grown back very aggressively. She dozed-off peacefully, while eating her Chees Wiz. We will miss you, girl!


We also lost Buddy in December, at the age of 14. His body just could not fight
the Melanoma any longer. He remained happy and ran around right until the very end. We all miss you, Buddy!



Lucy on yellow bed_edited.jpg
Lucy being cute

On a much happier note, we are excited to share that we welcomed Lucy in February.
Lucy is a terrier mix and weighs in at a whopping 12.8 pounds. She came to us from Westerly Animal Shelter, where we learned that her family could no longer care for her. Lucy is not spayed, has a tumor on her chest, and her teeth are in awful shape. But she is just the sweetest little girl, and we are ready for her challenges! Lucy had an ultrasound and X-Rays this week, and she is scheduled for surgery next week to remove her tumor and to be spayed.
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Rosco chillin' out at the office.

Rosco is doing wonderfully. Now that he has had his dental work done, he is thoroughly enjoying his senior life. He is eating healthy and has gained weight, maybe almost too much. He loves spending his days lounging around at Cinnamon’s House with all his friends.


Lincoln in car_edited.jpg
"Are we there yet?"

Lincoln’s wound has finally healed, although it appears he may not get all his hair back. He lived through something very traumatic and is still suffering from PTSD. He prefers to spend most of his time in his room in his crate. He does enjoy our small walks in the yard and loves it when it is time to eat! He gets spooked with loud noises and quick movements. But we are working with him every day in hopes he will overcome his fears and be ready to find his forever home.

We are so grateful for all your support! 

Thank you!

Marilyn & Patrick

 If you would like to make a small tax deductible donation to help cover Rosco and Lincoln’s medical costs, please visit

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