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Our Memories

Although not part of Cinnamon’s House, we want to share memories of our past pets that shared our lives giving us lots of love, laughter and affection. They will come into our lives and leave amazing memories that we carry with us long after they cross over the rainbow bridge.


Soon after Marilyn and Patrick married, they adopted Cinnamon, a cinnamon-colored mixed breed dog. After Cinamon had been hit by a car, she found herself in a shelter. Sadly, her family never came to claim her. She was considered unadoptable, but not to the Lawless’. They fell in love with her immediately. Cinnamon only walked on three of her legs, dispite a healthy fourth paw. The veterinarian believed she suffered from PTSD from her accident. 

Cinnamon was our namesake and guiding force for Cinnamon’s House. We will miss you, girl!



We are sad to announce that on 12/27/2023, Buddy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. His little body could not fight his cancer anymore. We know he is running around with all his furry friends in heaven.

Buddy was such a happy and playful Chihuahua mix who joined our family at the age of 13. He proudly did his part to help the residents at Cinnamon's House feel at home. Even at the age of 14, he had the spirit of an 8 year old and he loved to run!  ...and "Oh, those ears!"


A chocolate lab who was rescued from a high-kill shelter in TN,
Jessie lived a long and busy life and passed over the rainbow bridge at the age of 14. She loved to chase bunnies and hunt moles in all the wood piles all day long, then at night she would curl up with us for
a good snuggle.



Dusty was an orange cat we rescued from an animal shelter and only lived a short time with us before developing a tumor in his ear canal. Marilyn often says that he was the one that turned her into a cat lover.

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